Never give up on a dream!

Is there something that you have always been sure of? Maybe it’s a dream house that you have planned or maybe it's an incredible adventure.

Since I was a little girl, I can remember my father saying that he was going to have a cabin. Both my grandparents had a cabin where we were frequent visitors. Actually, who am I kidding? We were always there and brought other friends with us too!

Is there something right now that you may be thinking “oh, I would love to have a cabin”, “oh, I’d love to have a camper to travel every weekend. Maybe you are just thinking “oh, I would love to be off every weekend.”

Well, let me tell you how my father manifested a cabin, and I know it may not be a word that resonates with you... it doesn't to my father either. Let me tell you how those desires came true. I promise that with these tools you can manifest whatever it is that your heart desires.

1. Act as if you already have it

In the early days, my parents lived in another province for work. One day, they were out shopping for a crib for my older sister who was soon to be born. While shopping for baby furniture, my father spotted a beautiful corner kitchen table. (I don’t know about yours, but my father is not much of a shopper, so when he picks something out, you be sure there is something important about it.) Not only would that table be suitable for their growing family, but he knew that it was something that one day was going in the cabin. My sister is 40 years old now and I’m writing this post from that very table. It’s travelled from Regina, Saskatchewan and has celebrated many milestones, birthdays, gatherings, and is part of this amazing cabin my father had envisioned for many years.

2. If at first you don't succeed, try again…

I’m sure my father sighed a sigh of relief when he finally finished the house. The next thing to build was his cabin. He always knew that he wanted it to be close to where he lived. A day of travel was not what he envisioned. So when the house was done, on the hunt he went for land. The attempt was a failure because no land was available and all land was closed in the area. He had to go back to the books and the ancestry to find that his great grandfather once owned a hunting cabin. After a year of paperwork they were finally about to get the land, but with work requirements and the fact that they only had a year to develop and build on the land, they had to let this opportunity pass by. I believe all of these missed opportunities happened for a reason:something better was waiting. As my grandfather became older and was unable to care for the cabin, he signed it over to family. My father finally got the land he needed to build his cabin.

3.There is no such thing as coincidences.

I said it before and I’ll say it again… I believe everything happens for a reason. When opportunity knocks and you feel it in your gut, you have to go with it.

My father was at the local barber shop getting a hair cut. Now, let me help you picture this. My father even then did not have very much hair, so the time spent with the barber may have been 20 mins. During this life changing visit, he overheard a man talking to someone who won a log cabin package but was looking to sell it because they were interested in the financial gain at the time rather than a cabin. In that moment, my father knew that the cabin was going to be his.

He contacted the winner and found out that he won this in a contest 11 months ago and only had a month left to claim the prize. In short, what this meant was that my father had one month to have a foundation poured, logs delivered and a cabin built. There were a few sleepless nights, some of which my father had to sleep outside so that the materials were not stolen. One night, he even had some company with a mink who was trying to cuddle with dad, but nothing was going to stop him at this point.

4. Dream so big that it scares you a little…

I’m writing this on the last day of the May 2-4 weekend. It’s the kick off of the summer for us. The time when cabin season really starts. The cabin that my father once envisioned has grown into something so much bigger. It started with 1 bedroom and 1 loft room and has grown with our family to include a bed and room for us all. Dad even recently had to build a treehouse for the kids. We like to call it the overdraft for the ones we don't like… just kidding.

This little dream of my father’s has turned into a place where we celebrate birthdays, weekend getaways, and so many memories. It’s a little piece of heaven that allows us to unplug and enjoy all the things. It’s where I grew up as a child, making so many memories and now my own kids can do the same.

Today, as I get ready to head back to everyday busy life, I will take some time to be thankful for all that we have here. Thankful of my father’s dreams that have given us a place to grow up and for our children to grow up. It continues to give us so many memories.

My advice to you is to dream big. Take time to picture what life would be like if you had it, live as if you already have it, and to listen to those nudges and follow that gut feeling - I’m sure glad my dad did!

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