Mommy & Me

That's right moms.. This is not just any Mommy & Me Program, It's the only one of it's kind with soooo many goodies!

Are you missing out on new mommy connections? 

Do you feel that you are on mom autopilot?

Do you want to lose the baby weight but not sure where to start?

Are you looking to join a small group of women dedicated to working on themselves where you can bring your baby?

Well... cue the music, call your momma friends, and throw your arms in the air because I am so excited for this program!  Not just because I love connections, babies, and seeing other women win, but because they are all the things I wish had been available when I became a mom!!

This 6 week program will provide you with the tools you need to show up for you, which in turn helps you show up as your best for your family. It's the only program out there that will allow you to bring your biggest fan with you as your sidekick.

How awesome is it that you can lead by example and teach your baby the importance of taking care of yourself while they are still too young to understand.

Your mommy toolkit will consist of:


3 Group In person- workouts a week.

Workouts for all fitness levels.

Library of workouts that you can do at home with your kids.

Mom self-care

That's right, ladies -I know all too often we put ourselves on the back burner, but we are going to change that.


No, this is not a cookie cutter program, but we will talk about how to plan for success, share easy to go recipes, and how to make nutrition fun for all.

Mom Empowered

We can get so caught up in the mom autopilot mode that you forget you need to feel successful, fulfilled and make time to have fun


I'm a firm believer that with the right mindset you can conquer the world and I will prove that to you!


Connections are so important for everyone.  Let's get you connected with the people who help you to  be the best you! 

What can expect from this 6 Week Program...

  • First of all you can expect to have a whole lot of fun!

  • An online orientation with your 6 Week Roadmap with weekly zoom live videos.

  • 3 in- person workouts at varying outdoor locations ( my personal home gym if weather does not permit.)

  • Each week will be a different theme with new concepts that build on the week before.

  • This program will meet you where you are in fitness, mindset, nutrition, etc.

  • Lasting connections with other mamas

  • A private Facebook community to connect, ask questions, etc.

  • A free app to follow along with the program and track your progress

  • A safe environment to speak from your heart 

  • Guest speakers with so much valuable information.

  • You will walk away from this program equipped with tools that will help you take care of you and help you be the best you!

Mother  (Noun) 

to love, nourish, protect, teach, comfort, guide, nurture, support, embrace, cherish, reassure

Let's learn all the ways to mother ourselves first! 

Not sure who I am,  click below to get the 411!

Mommy & Me Pictures 



I’m beyond happy I became a part of this Mommy & Me group! Taking the time to get outside with other mama’s and babies has benefited me in so many ways, both mentally and physically. We laugh, we workout, we learn, we connect and most of all we have so much FUN! Tammy is an amazing human and she truly loves helping other mom’s commit to self-care. I love her personality, her approach and how this program is designed. If you’re reading this and thinking about signing up, all I can say is DO IT! You won’t regret it mama!



This program is an inspiring monopoly - to say the least. It is comparable to nothing; there is nothing like it! As a new mother to a second child, 22 months younger than the first, mental and physical well-being are very important, because both can sway in somewhat of a negative direction. Tammy's program provided a scheduled consistency of a variety of physical activity, as well as consistent interaction with mothers asking the same questions as myself, feeling the same as myself, etc. It was astronomical how much talking with other mothers helped, mentally. This, coupled with the physical activity and nutrition provided by Tammy, as well as the accountability of the whole program, placed me in a physical and mental space that made me happy again. I can't stress enough the magnitude of how much I recommend this program."



This program WOKE ME UP!  I had no idea I was in such a funk for so long until I started to emerge from that funk, and I can honestly thank Tammy and this program for that!  It got me and Charlie outside, meeting other moms and babies, and get me moving and motivated to continue living in a healthy and balanced way.  I'm so thankful that we were able to join such a beautiful, wonderful, supportive community. 

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Wait - That's not all...
Here are some added bonuses to this program

Developing you .jpg

Gina Keeping's morning routine has been a game changer for me.   It's not only helped me grow my mindset  but it's helped me build the confidence I needed to be where I am today.   We discuss this in the program but you will have the opportunity to learn from the best at a time that works for you.

With this program you will also get a discount code to her amazing and highly sought-after morning routine that is changing lives.

You are going to love this added bonus, ZIP CART, because  not only is it going to  save you time, it's also going to save you money!   In this program we talk about things you can delegate to make more time for what's important to you!  Pair this with your meal planning session...  and Bob's your uncle...  lol

With this program you will also get a discount code to get your groceries delivered right to your door!!  

Zip Cart!.jpg

During COVID I created a community called the Moms Club where we did so many live workouts, we had guest speakers on various topics  such Dr. Erin Woodridge on hormones and  periods, Jennifer Thompson on Human Design, and so much more!
You get all that for free!!


As I mentioned earlier, I'm all about supporting other mamas and that's why I have teamed up with one of our Guest Speakers, Kayla Shea  - The Mama Coach.  Kayla is a registered nurse, sleep training consultant, lactation consultant AKA an amazing resource to help you will all the baby questions you have.  Our Moms just love all the info she provides  and I learn something new each session. 

Erin Wool.jpg

And... we have a Doctor in the house!!!   But not just any Doctor, Dr. Erin Woolrige  practices  Naturopathic Medicine.  Dr. Woolridge is going to talk about Post Partum Depression  /Baby Blues.  This is something that I personally experienced after my second child.  I think as moms we need to talk about this a lot more and we have just the person to do that!  If you don't already follow Dr. Woolrige I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO!

And... if you are still not sure let me remind you that there is a new Physical Activity Tax Credit offered by the government and guess what!.... This  program qualifies!

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