Mommy & Me

You asked.... and here it is.  I'm so excited for this on so many levels!!!!

Are you missing out on new mommy connections? 

Are you sick of working out alone?

Are you looking to join a small group of women dedicated to working on themselves where you can bring your baby?

Well... cue the music, call your momma friends, and throw your arms in the air because I am so excited for this program!  Not just because I love connections, babies, and seeing other women win, but because they are all the things I wish had been available when I became a mom!!

This 6 week program will provide you with the tools you need to show up for you, which in turn helps you show up as your best for your family. It's the only program out there that will allow you to bring your biggest fan with you as your sidekick.

How awesome is it that you can lead by example and teach your baby the importance of taking care of yourself while they are still too young to understand.

Your mommy toolkit will consist of:


3 Group Workouts a week at vary different  locations and getting outside as much as possible.

Mom Self-care

That's right, ladies -I know all too often we put ourselves on the back burner, but we are going to change that.


No, this is not a cookie cutter program, but we will talk about how to plan for success, share easy to go recipes, and how to make nutrition fun for all.

Body Image

Our bodies carried and gave birth to a baby, ladies!!!  Your body hears everything your mind says. Let's learn to love EVERYTHING about it!


I'm a firm believer that with the right mindset you can conquer the world and I will prove that to you!


Connections are so important for everyone.  Let's get you connected with the people who help you to  be the best you! 

What can expect from this 6 Week Program...

  • First of all you can expect to have a whole lot of fun!

  • An online orientation with your 6 Week Roadmap

  • 3 in- person workouts at varying outdoor locations ( my personal home gym if weather does not permit.

  • Each week will be a different theme with new concepts that build on the week before.

  • This program will meet you where you are in fitness, mindset, nutrition, etc.

  • Lasting connections with other mamas

  • A private Facebook community to connect, ask questions, etc.

  • A free app to follow along with the program and track your progress

  • A matching Momma & Baby T- Shirt... It's not really Mommy & Me without matching clothes.. right.

  • A safe environment to speak from your heart 

  • Small group classes with a maximum of 6 Mommy's to ensure all social distancing guidelines are being followed.

  • You will walk away from this program equipped with tools that will help you take care of you and help you be the best you!

Mother  (Noun) 

to love, nourish, protect, teach, comfort, guide, nurture, support, embrace, cherish, reassure

Let's learn all the ways to mother ourselves first! 

Not sure who I am,  click below to get the 411!

Here is what some of the moms are saying

"The Program is everything I wanted and needed.  Even better than I thought it could be!  It's Just so good in so many ways"

- Lisa

I’m beyond happy I became a part of this Mommy & Me group! Taking the time to get outside with other mama’s and babies has benefited me in so many ways, both mentally and physically. We laugh, we workout, we learn, we connect and most of all we have so much FUN! Tammy is an amazing human and she truly loves helping other mom’s commit to self-care. I love her personality, her approach and how this program is designed. If you’re reading this and thinking about signing up, all I can say is DO IT! You won’t regret it mama!



Current Mommy & Me 


Tammy King's 'Mommy and Me' program is an inspiring monopoly - to say the least. It is comparable to nothing; there is nothing like it! As a new mother to a second child, 22 months younger than the first, mental and physical well-being are very important, because both can sway in somewhat of a negative direction. Tammy's program provided a scheduled consistency of a variety of physical activity, as well as consistent interaction with mothers asking the same questions as myself, feeling the same as myself, etc. It was astronomical how much talking with other mothers helped, mentally. This, coupled with the physical activity and nutrition provided by Tammy, as well as the accountability of the whole program, placed me in a physical and mental space that made me happy again. I can't stress enough the magnitude of how much I recommend this program."


Mommy & Me

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