Welcome to 


with Tammy King

developing you together

is an online membership where accountability, total body health, mindset, and helping YOU develop from the inside you is at the forefront. 

what is included in the membership?

We have SO much happening in the Membership and our goal is to provide you as much value as possible. We have more goodies coming for you but we have to keep some things a surprise. 

The Membership includes:



Weekly Workouts to keep you engaged and motivated

Guest Speakers

Monthly Guest Speakers on a variety of topics that will help improve your total body health.

We have so many fantastic people already lined up


Community is everything in building the version of you that you want to become.  This membership will help you grow with a fantastic, supportive community


Weekly Recipes that are family friendly and easy to make

Live Q & A

Monthly Q and A`s to answer all your questions. These sessions are invaluable and a great tool for ultimate health.  It is your chance to ask me anything


this is the fundamental indicator for success. This membership will help you stay on track and motivated with your health goals to ensure you are not alone in this journey

Meal Plans

Weekly Meal Plans to help you stay on track and focused

Library of Resources

You will have access to our  online library with a plethora of videos, meal plans, recipes and so much more.  This is the  health version of NETFLIX



Each month there will be a virtual workshop on different tips, tools and strategies to help you reach your ultimate health

is "developing you together" for you?

This membership is for YOU if you .......

Have been struggling with your health and fitness goals FOREVER and need some guidance

Need accountability to stay on track

Are looking for a community of like minded people who support you and have the same goals

Want to learn more about total body health and what works for you

Need to work on your mindset around your health

Looking for tips, tools and strategies on how to grow and be the best version of you

Need variety in your workouts

Need something you can do at home because of your busy schedule

Want to continue to model healthy habits for your family


Image by Edward Cisneros


 I’ve gotten my energy back! Energize is the perfect name for Tammy’s 21 Day program I just completed. It’s given me back the motivation to complete my work-outs and find new ways to eat healthy while treating myself. Tammy’s spirit would lift anyone up! Can’t wait for the next program!


 I had the privilege to be a part of Tammy’s Bikini group and I loved every minute of it. Tammy’s workouts were amazing and every day was a challenge. She took the time to demonstrate proper technique of each exercise, and what made it motivating was that Tammy did the workout with us!

I can’t wait for her next program to start!


If you are looking to get motivated  and lose weight, Energize is the group for you. Since joining Tammy’s Energize group, I have lost 10 pounds! The group is amazing, there are workouts posted each day along with information on healthy meal plans, and Tammy is available anytime you have questions. Tammy is a great motivator who shows you that you can accomplish your goals, no excuses! As a new mom, this group is just what I needed to start my path to living a healthy lifestyle!

common q and a

(Q)Who is this membership for? 

(A) "It’s for anyone who would love help with  motivation, nutrition, workout or accountability.  If you want to be part of a community of like minded woman who want to work on themselves -  this is for you."

(Q)What if I can’t do certain exercises? 

(A) "There is no such word as can’t.  This community has something for everyone and we offer modifications too.  Whether you’re an avid gym goer or looking to start getting active, you will love this community!"

(Q)I’m not much of a facebook person online person is this something I need to go online for everyday?

(A) "No worries there. You can get added to our email list where you can stay updated!  There will be a schedule for the events so you know what days to log in."

(Q)Will it be the same information each month?

(A)" H*LL  NO…  I get bored doing the same thing and need to spice things up!  I can't tell you how excited I am for this membership and that the creative ideas are just getting started! You are not going to want to miss out!"

(Q) Is this a monthly membership that can be cancelled at any time or is there a certain commitment? 

(A) "It is a monthly membership BUT you can cancel at any point. We would hate to see you leave us, but you can leave at any point at all. Just a heads up that when you leave, you will no longer have access to all the goodies." 

(Q) What form of payment do you accept?


(A) "All payments will be done through this website and you will need a VISA or Mastercard to sign up."