guest Speakers

Surround yourself with people who inspire you to do and be better.


Gina Keeping is a Life and Business Mentor who I have personally worked with and just LOVE her!  She shares some life changing tips on how to "OWN YOUR MORNING"   It's a must see!

Megan Careen is a mom of 2, a homeschool teacher and runs a business called Megawatt Beauty.  She shares her love of makeup, tips and tricks on how to apply makeup.  

Julie is a mom of two opens up about her weight loss journey, sharing struggles, setbacks and success.  She shares her top 3 things that will help you on your journey!  You DO NOT want to MISS this.

Teresa Butler is a Transformation Mentor who shares info on her Tribe, Moon Ceremonies  and gives us a yoga flow to incorporate into our routine. 

Jennifer is a Human Design Reader, Reiki Master, Yogi and Cat Mom

She takes time to explain Human Design and share a reading with us.  To me Human Design is incredible and understanding it is a serious game changer.