Where It All Started...

You may be wondering how I went from working 8-5 in the Oil and Gas industry to running a moms community and becoming a Total Body Health Coach.

I still remember the very moment when it hit me that I wanted more of my life and that I was done putting myself on the back burner.

I was in a rush this morning to go to work. The kids slept in later then normal. (Although many nights I prayed for this, now was not the time.) I was grabbing the kids breakfast, getting them dressed and trying to rush them through the door.  My oldest daughter kept  asking me “Mommy can you paint my nails?”  “Mommy can you paint my nails so I can show my friends at daycare”  

“No!!!  I have to get you guys to daycare - I have to get to work or I will be late!”

This was my turning point

I didn’t want to be the mom who had to rush her kids every morning to be to daycare for longer than 9 hours

I didn’t want to be in a job that gave me a salary cap no matter my efforts.

I didn't want to let life pass me by wishing I had done more 

I knew I was made for more 

I knew there had to be a better way

I took a chance on an opportunity and that opportunity changed my life.

This opportunity has given me - ME

It has given me more time with my family.

It’s given me the opportunity to walk away from a career that was no longer serving me.

It has given me the income to invest into other areas of business that I thought was never possible.

It’s given me so many friends, memories, vacations. 

It has given me the opportunity to be the present mom that I wanted. 

To be there when my daughter gets off the school bus.

It’s given me the opportunity to work from anywhere and my own hours.

It’s open my eyes to what is possible.

It’s giving me the opportunity to make an income while making an impact in people's lives.

I want to give you the same opportunity I was given.
You deserve to have the life YOU want.
Stop going through the motions if it's not for you!

If anything in my story resonates with you, please reach out and let's chat.

"You owe it to yourself to become everything you've ever dreamed of."