Hey, I`m Tammy

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I’m a Total Body Health Coach who is dedicated to helping mothers become the best version of themselves by focusing on mindset, movement, nutrition, community, and connections.


I created the business because of the lack of support when I became a mom.

I’m a mom of 2 girls - aged 3 and 5 years - who left the Oil & Gas Industry to follow my passion of helping others. 


When my children were born, I was so excited and wanted to do everything for them.  As a result of always putting them and others first, I slowly let “Me” disappear.  This led me to complete exhaustion - having to be admitted to the hospital, twice.  I became clinically depressed and had high anxiety.  To most people who knew me they would say I was fine.  I suffered in silence; not even telling my family, in fear that I would be viewed as weak or not able to “handle” motherhood. 


When I finally broke down and saw a doctor, she recommended I see a therapist. I set up a phone appointment and the first thing she said was that I had to take time for myself.  This was very upsetting - I didn’t know what I would do “for me.”  I had forgotten what I liked to do.  I returned to work early, thinking about a new position and hoping this would get me “back to my normal self,” but what it made me realize was that the corporate world was no longer for me.  I wanted to help mothers navigate motherhood - to be a hub for them - to help them through the early stages of motherhood, to help mentally and physically, to help inspire, motivate, reassure, and empower - to be a center of information and connections.


As a mom, we make sure our children are on par and staying successful in a number of aspects - socially, physically, mentally - to name a few. In addition, and of equal or greater importance - following a nourishing, nutritional timeline. Are they developing at the same level as other children?  We check in with other mothers about things of this nature.  But - what about us, as Mothers?  What about the community that every new mother needs? 


We neglect the fact that every time a new baby is born, so too is a mom.   No one can prepare you for “mom guilt.” No one teaches you, or generally talks about, how to put your baby in a shopping cart and get groceries while they are screaming, for example. This, among hundreds of other things, are what mothers face on a daily basis, and can take a toll on their mental health.  


The importance of community among mothers, especially new mothers, is very much underrated and, in the opinion of many, is a necessity.


I’ve created this business because it’s something I wished I had to avail of when I was a mom - a community of women who come together to support one another - to share information, suggestions, and struggles - as we experience motherhood, together.


More About ME

My diverse background and experiences have led me to where I am today. My certifications include:

Certified Health Coach 

ISSA - International Sports Sciences Association - certified personal trainer 


ISSA- certified sports nutrition


Holistic Nutrition Weight-loss Expert - Fit Chicks Academy


Group Fitness Instructor ACE certified. 


Diploma in Business Management - Human Resources. 

Multiple business owner


Replace the more about me

On top of all that, I am a mom who decided to just go for it. As a sports nut, total body health advocate, and self proclaimed foodie, I am here to share my gifts with the world.